Thinkegic Digicom is primarily a provider of solutions and trainings to industries on cutting edge technologies. We support industries and individuals with their requirements related to Engineering and software training.In addition to providing services to industry, we provide required skills to students, engineers and professionals looking for entry into the different sectors or to advance their career prospects.Our Training and Development Courses helps in becoming proficient and bridging the gap between standard educational learning versuscorporate job requirements to put career ina fast-track path.

Our team of consultants provide counselling and recommend trainings and career path which one can utilize and apply in this dynamic marketplace. We primarily focusin Corporate Training.We have a pool of Trainers Implementing Technology and working as External SME for our clients.

We train, support and manage work in Aerospace/Automotive/Industrial product/IT domain. We help new enterprises to understand this dynamic market so that they are able to accurately define its prerequisites in advance technology making it adaptable and flexible.